Find Approved Transient Merchant / Solicitor Permits

Current Approved Transient Merchant/Solicitor Permits

**Expire December 31, 2023
  • Fabian Seafood
  • Tree-Ripe Fruit Co.
  • Mad City Windows & Baths

Transient merchant means any person who is not a regular retail or wholesale merchant with a permanent place of business in the city, but who does display samples, model goods, wares or merchandise in any lot, building, room or structure of any kind, whether fixed or mobile, for the purpose of the sale of items.

A solicitors/peddlers permit is required for people who move from location to location in the city, selling their services or goods. This permit is issued by the Clerk’s Office and requires a background check and proof of other applicable City licenses and permits.

It shall be unlawful to temporarily engage in sales or sales activities within the City of Glendale without first registering and obtaining a permit.

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