Sign Regulations

Sign regulations protect property value within the City, preserve the beauty and the unique character of the City by complementing the development which it identifies, and promote a healthy and properly designed business environment.

Sign Permits
A sign permit shall be required before the erection, re-erection, construction, alteration, repairs, replacement, maintaining or locating of all signs regulated by the Sign Code [Chapter 15.6]

Applications for signs require: 

  • A dimensioned color picture or drawing of the proposed sign
    • Such plans shall show complete details; size of the sign, the method of attachment or support; locations and materials to be used.  
  • A site plan marking the location of the proposed sign on the property 
    •  (Wall Sign proposals require a full facade elevation drawing depicting the location of the wall sign on the building). 
  • Sign permit fee payment. 

Sign Permit Application 
Permanent Signs
To obtain a permit, the applicant shall file an application on a form furnished by the City. All applications shall be accompanied by the written consent of the lessee and owner/agent or trustee having charge of the property on which the sign is proposed. 
Temporary Signs 
Permits for temporary signs shall be issued by the Community Development Planner only when the sign is specifically allowed by the Temporary Sign Code [Section 15.6.11].
Prohibited Lighting and Signs
Sign Appeal
Sign variances are intended to allow flexibility to the sign regulations while still fulfilling the purpose of the regulations. 

For further information regarding sign permits, please contact the Community Development Department at (414) 228-1770.