Water Utility Department

Duties & Responsibilities

The primary responsibility of the Glendale Water Utility is to provide good, clean, drinkable water to the consumers. The Utility is regulated by the State of Wisconsin's Public Service Commission. Water is purchased from the North Shore Water Commission. The Commission is owned jointly by Glendale, Whitefish Bay, and Fox Point.  The Utility provides water for firefighting and maintains the transmission and distribution system by repairing leaks and main breaks.

The Utility also manages the metering of water using a computerized meter reading system.  Each meter in the City is read quarterly and billed quarterly.  If you are buying/selling a home or have a change in tenants, the Utility strongly encourages customers to contact the Utility at 414-228-1719. 

Online Payments

Online payments are now available. Please visit Payment Service Network to set up an account. When paying your water bill use the account ID - RT24698. 

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