I have received a Restitution Notice, what does this mean and what must I do?
  • DEFENDANT: Restitution is the cost of damages or cost of losses incurred by a victim during the incident of the violation. If the Court Orders Restitution during the penalty phase, you are required to pay the Restitution prior to paying your forfeiture or other costs associated with your citation.
  • VICTIM: You must provide the Glendale Police Department a written request for restitution along with proof of expenses/invoices/receipts/estimate for the repairs A.S.A.P. after the incident; so the information is available to the City Attorney by the Defendant’s Court Date.

Restitution will be paid to you direct either via the City of Glendale or The Defendant.

NOTE: The Court does not have authority to impose penalties for the defendant’s failure to pay the Restitution due.

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