Suspected Drug Activity

What Drug Dealing Looks Like?

  • A high volume of foot and/or vehicle traffic to and from a residence with visitors staying a short period of time.
  • One or more person(s) acting as a lookout in front of the house or on the porch. They remain watchful for cars and signal those inside when squads approach.
  • Signals are made to those inside (whistle, window tap, etc.) before someone is allowed to enter or make a transaction.
  • Money and package exchanges through windows, mail slots and under doorways.
  • Transactions on the street. Exchange of money or packages to people who drive up in cars.
  • Special attention if you live on a cul-de-sac, dead end or alley. The opportunity or transactions greatly increases.

How Do You Report Suspected Drug Activity?

  • If drug dealing is taking place in front of you CALL 911! Supply where it is happening and describe the people/vehicles involved.
  • You can also call the North Shore Crime Stoppers at (414) 962-4258. Callers can remain anonymous, and if your information leads to an arrest, you may receive a cash reward up to $1000.