Landlord & Tenant Laws

On occasion, the City of Glendale receives complaints from tenants relating to concerns about the condition of their apartment or home. These issues can range from a lack of heat to inadequate heating, plumbing and electrical issues, or simple general maintenance concerns. Oftentimes, a tenant will convey their concerns to their landlord or property manager without resolution. Both state laws and local ordinances govern the rights and responsibilities of tenants and landlords. Local property maintenance regulations and minimum housing standards may also be applicable.

If a problem develops, you are encouraged to first convey your concerns to the property owner or manager, in writing, with a stated deadline. If your concerns are not addressed, you should then contact the City Building Inspection Department, discuss your concerns with the local inspector, and if necessary, file a formal complaint. Final steps may include filing a formal complaint with the State of Wisconsin, Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection or starting an action in Small Claims Court.

Lastly, DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT…keep copies of all correspondence between you and your landlord or property manager. Take photographs or video of the condition or area of concern and have a friend or family member also witness the condition.

NOTICE: This page is intended to be used as a general guide and resource to landlord/tenant regulations so that both parties better understand their roles and responsibilities as well as their rights and is in no way intended to offer legal opinions. If you feel your rights have been infringed upon, you are encouraged to seek licensed legal advice.