All property owners are reminded that Glendale City Ordinance requires all public sidewalks and curb ramps to be kept clear of snow and ice.

Sidewalks and curb ramps must be clear of all snow and ice within 24 hours from the time snow ceases to accumulate.

After each inclement weather event, the City will inspect all sidewalks and curb ramps to ensure they are safely passable.

If a sidewalk or curb ramp is not safely passable, a notice may be posted or otherwise placed at the property indicating the need to comply with the snow and ice removal requirement within a specified time.

Upon re-inspection, any sidewalk or curb ramp not properly cleared will be cleared by the City with all costs and expenses, including administrative fees and/or ice and salt/sand costs charged to the property owner or manager as a special assessment.

Residents are also asked to help keep area fire hydrants cleared of snow to allow easy access in case of a fire.