Youth Police Academy

What Is It?
The Youth Police Academy is a six-week program designed to give students a working knowledge of the Glendale Police Department. It consists of a series of classes and discussions held once a week on a designated evening from 6:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M. There is one academy class per school year and each class size is limited to approximately 15-20 students. There is no cost to anyone who enrolls. 

The class will provide an in-depth view into various areas of law enforcement. It is an educational and informative program that allows students the opportunity to learn about the issues that effect law enforcement efforts in the City of Glendale, and how to develop a partnership with the police department.

Assimilate a greater understanding between youth in the community and the Glendale Police Department. 

Helps youth develop a better understanding of the intellectual side of law enforcement and the challenges it provides.

The students will become familiarized with the teamwork principles involved in effective law enforcement and the tools utilized to solve crime and make the community safer. It will also allow them to have a more interactive association with the police department if they choose. Upon completion of the course, graduates receive a diploma and a class photo.

Community Oriented Policing plays an important and vital role in reducing crime in any community. Therefore, the Glendale Police Department instituted the Youth Police Academy, to improve communication and obtain input and support throughout the city. This program is also designed to spark an interest in this career field for some of the students and channel them to the proper direction and resources with which to obtain this career objective.

Who Can Attend
Individuals who apply for the Youth Police Academy must be at between the ages of 13-18 years of age. They must be a resident of the City of Glendale, and/or attend Nicolet High School. 

In addition to attending every class session, each participant must have a parent/guardian written consent to attend the sessions, must have acceptable school attendance, and have limited prior police/criminal contacts. 

Application Form 

Academy Questionnaire 
Curriculum Summary
  • Department Overview and Tour
  • Criminal Justice System
  • Patrol procedures / Traffic Laws / OWI Investigations
  • Evidence Collection and Testing Procedures
  • Criminal Investigations
  • Use of Force Laws / Shoot-Don't Shoot Decisions
  • Juvenile Investigations / School Resource Officers
  • Community Oriented Policing and Problem Solving
  • Police Survival Skills / Police Media Relations
  • D.A.R.E. / Crime Prevention Unit
  • Patrol Ride-Along / Student-Officer Interaction
  • Communications / Enhanced-911 System
  • K9 Unit / Bike Patrol
  • Computer Technology